Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment 

We believe that the work we do helps shape lives and that by developing the leaders of today, we help to form a better society tomorrow. Our work sits at the heart of the communities we serve and as such promoting diversity and inclusion is central to what we believe in. We understand that discrimination and inequality are still part of our society, and we work hard to drive change by influencing and supporting individuals and organisations to do more through their actions as well as our own.

Dodd Partners are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion at board and executive leadership levels. We foster a culture of inclusion at every juncture and take positive action to ensure that our longlists and shortlists are representative of all areas of society, assessing and selecting individuals purely on their merit and relevancy for an opportunity.

Maximising the diversity and inclusion agenda is driven through our targeting and search activity. Inclusion starts at the beginning of any process, from the briefing and writing of adverts, through to how interviews and assessments are conducted, how offers are made and how inductions are developed, there are simply no areas of our thinking, approach and process that are exempt.

It is important for us to understand your specific requirements and how we can ensure that your specification is truly inclusive whilst delivering the skills that you need. This is often a challenging process but adds great value and will allow us to build our target groups based upon the demographics you are seeking to engage.

We are passionate about leadership diversity. During the last few years, Dodd Partners is proud to have presented both Executive and Non-Executive shortlists that have typically contained an average of 50% of candidates from underrepresented groups.

Here at Dodd Partners, we aspire to not only mirror the diversity of the communities we operate within, but also to advocate and lead for a better shared future.

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