About Us

Our Approach

We believe that appointing, developing and retaining talent that is truly diverse and complimentary is the only way to ensure an organisation will be sustainable, fair and truly successful in today’s changing world. A knowledge of key market dynamics and the ability to rigorously analyse candidate behaviour is nothing without a creative approach that is backed by dynamic processes, sound logic and honest judgements.

We practice what we preach and are driven by the pursuit of exceptional outcomes for our clients based around our core values and principles of fairness and inclusivity. Our approach is compassionate with a stringent focus on the detail, underpinned by our straightforward and consultative style that builds deep and mutually beneficial relationships with outstanding talent. 

We care about what we do and how we do it! We understand the impact our work can have on individuals and organisations, as well as the wider economic and societal impact that drives and informs our work.

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Our Culture

Integrity and authenticity sit at the heart of all the work carried out by Dodd Partners and underpins the culture that spans across the business. We passionately want to make a difference and by thoroughly understanding our strengths and our markets, we can add value and support our client’s growth and inclusivity objectives. 

Making good decisions and ethical choices builds trust and shapes our approach. We operate as trusted advisors, providing our clients and candidates with the best advice against their business, strategic, organisation and individual needs, and this is further supported by our coaching and career advisory work.


To help individuals and organisations succeed in a way that has a positive and sustainable impact on society.


Integrity - We have built our business on the principles of trust and mutual respect, nurturing new and existing relationships and operating with an honest, transparent and empathetic approach.

Curiosity - Combining the latest market intelligence and with a deep curiosity in your business and personal aspirations, we exist to help you build momentum and achieve your objectives and purpose.

Agility - We continually shape and tailor our approach to support the needs of everyone we work with. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions of relevance that shape successful outcomes and increase inclusivity.

Accountability - We take responsibility for the outcomes of our work, and the impact it has on people’s lives and organisations. We are always visible and accessible. 

Securing the right talent in today’s changing world is critical. However, defining a clear talent strategy that is suitably dextrous, rigorous and structured in approach, is essential.