The Education sector is constantly evolving, beset by ongoing changes to government policy, ongoing mergers, challenging financial outlook and increased demands from its regulators, which has caused many leaders to evolve their approach and thinking to ensure the longer-term viability of their institutions.

As is widely agreed, the sector needs to evolve its operational base to meet the needs of employers and students in a sustainable fashion. The business model for successful education, skills and training providers of the future, requires a dexterity in approach that is adaptable to changing policy, whilst delivering a tailored solution that employers want to buy, and students need. Increasingly, senior leaders are struggling with the operational challenges, with the need to raise standards, adapt their offering and improve outcomes for learners, all with fewer resources.

Clarity of leadership has never been so important across education, and the need to balance the commercial tensions with the needs of students and employers from a curriculum perspective is not easy. At Dodd partners, we have supported the education sectors over several years (FE/HE/PTPs) to bring balance to their leadership teams, so understand perhaps more than most, the importance of attracting those that can make the transition into the sector and add value, whilst retaining the unique curriculum and teaching and learning skills that deliver against strategic objectives, set against employer and regional objectives.


Not For Profit

The Not-for-Profit and Charities sectors have changed immeasurably over the past 10 years, where they have sought to bring a more commercial approach to their working practices, to drive operational efficiencies whilst maximizing their reach and influence. Funding has always been an issue over the past decade, due to austerity and with less reliance on traditional funding sources, it is now essential that organisations have a sharper focus on the customer experience.

Attracting the right talent has also always been perceived as a blocker for change, within such sectors from the Arts to Charities, Housing and Historic Institutions and trade bodies; such conventional wisdom is now changing. Today’s candidate base is much more knowledgeable about the opportunities that reside across such sectors and appreciate more the complexity, and often the scale, of such challenges, which can neatly play into their longer-term career plans. Candidates today are less motivated by the financial return, but a more fulfilling role, where their commercial expertise can add value and shape strategy within an organisation that makes the world a better place.

At Dodd Partners we understand this increasingly attractive route and have spent the past 12 years supporting such individuals in their pursuit of a more fulfilling and rewarding career, whilst helping clients better understand the benefits, as well as challenges, that appointing such individuals can bring.



Dodd and Partners have over 25 years’ experience working across both the commercial and public sector markets to build transformative finance functions that add value and shape strategic thinking.

From this experience we understand that the very best organisations appreciate the need to embed financial management skills throughout, so that every decision is underpinned by its financial implications. However, such change does not come easily or quickly and requires commitment at the highest level. Finance is the tool that shapes thinking and delivers the metrics to drive operational change and strategic growth, and in today’s changing world such attributes are essential.

Our knowledge across finance is not limited to those key strategic finance roles. We have a wealth of technical experience and functional knowledge across numerous sectors, shaping attitudes and driving increased accountability, allowing non-finance professionals an understanding that transforms performance.

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