John Dodd

John Dodd is the Managing Partner and has worked in recruitment for over 25 years, leveraging a mix of both public and private sector recruitment expertise at an executive level. Much of his work, over the past 12 years, has focused on the development of senior management teams across Whitehall, Education and many high-profile historic institutions. He has recruited to a host of pivotal Non-Executive and Executive leadership positions, from Chairs and Chief Executives, through to finance and operational leaders, as well as other high-level commercially orientated posts.

John also has a reputation for attracting private sector talent into the public sector, to complement, lead and transform organisations, to meet the public sector’s changing financial and commercial landscape, whilst facilitating successful candidate integration. It is perhaps this knowledge of how to identify and secure interest from such professionals that has shaped his work in transforming organisational performance.

John’s role is further underpinned by his thought leadership work, supporting specific sectors to facilitate change, whilst addressing pressing market issues from an independent standpoint. He also holds BPS levels 1 & 2 in occupational testing.

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